søndag den 22. juli 2012

Carlos Niehues

Ever since internet, email and world wide web became common in the early nineties, I've tried from time to time to get in contact with my long lost friend Carlos Niehues from Itajao, Brazil. Carlos and I studied together at www.mi.edu in Hollywood, CA in 1987-88.

Besides that, Carlos let me join him on his regular gig at the Cafe Connection on 9171 Wilshire Boulevard every friday and saturday night. I totally fell in love with brazilian music and brazilian people and enjoyed a very intimate friendship with Carlinhos and his wife Anna. Guests would often sit in, and below, you see the artist BAKARI on percussion and below that the cook Gustavo on bongos.

On this soundcloud-link, you can hear Carlos, me and Jean-Bruno Meier playing Carlos' composition Amenecer , that seems to have become quite popular in Brazil. This is probably the first public performance of that tune in january 1988 :-)

Just tonight I learned that Carlos actually passed away in 1994 - the year when I myself did a tour in Brazil with Sigurd Barrett and Trio de Janeiro - we played in Rio, Recife and Belem.
At Cafe Connection

While digging through the net this night, I came across this blog, that gives some informations on Carlinhos' life and death. (use google translate if your portuguese is limited). Some of his music is present in this youtube channel

All this inspired me to share the above stories and the pics below. God bless you Carlinhos, RIP.
Playing a wedding - spring of '88

My very last hug from Carlos - i flew home to Denmark the next day

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Unknown sagde ...

This is Ana Niehues from Brazil.
I've just found out about the blog you came up with about my late husband Carlos Niehus.
You have no idea how touch I got by listening to him playing with you guys on the recording you've posted on your blog. Tears rolled down my face.
Darling, I've just gotten sponsorship to release a songbook/dossie including all his songs plus statements from his friends, and of course you'll be a very special one.
Please, get in touch with me through my face book account:


Please, please do it asap.I would just love talking to you about this work I've been involved in.
Thanks a whole lot.
Aninha Niehues

Henrik Bay sagde ...

Dear Aninha
I would love to. I've connected on Facebook now, hope to see you there. Love Enrique ;)