mandag den 22. december 2008

About songwriting - wisdom

I borrowed this from a post by "blagh" on who is quoting "Dr Best".

As a wongwriter-wannabe, I find the following extremely inspiring:

• The engagement of the Church in the arts should be the norm, not the exception.
• We’ve exhausted our superlatives. Everything is “awesome” now. We’ve reserved no words for God.
• If you’re asked to serve the liturgy in corporate worship: the Word is pre-eminent. Art must serve the liturgy by humbling itself to wash the feet of the Savior and the congregants.
• Art for the Church must be simple, accessible, authentic.
• Don’t use “canned music” to make yourself “sound great”. Strive to be authentic.
• Art from the Church should be a rampant, outspoken, prophetic invader. For instance, write simple tunes on Sunday morning to serve the liturgy, then go “out there” in culture as prophet, going to the edge of who you are, creatively.
• The blood of Jesus is needed by Christians as much as by sinners.
• The intent of the worlds’ art is idolatry, but the content is neutral. Don’t try to out-art them. Debate the intent while celebrating the content.

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